Captured Chaos Photography | Guestbook
Ed Lubash
Love the photos you took of our family! Great work, they look beautiful framed on the living room wall! Thank you for your talent and time!
Mary Ann Hicks(non-registered)
I really enjoyed viewing your landscape and T-Town Bakery pics. Wonderful job. I love how you captured all the work Bren put into that wedding cake. I also enjoyed the looks on the kids's faces with the excitement about decorating cakes.
Tracy miller(non-registered)
Great pics. :)
Hank Henfling(non-registered)
Super job at the day care, everyone loved the photo's . You do nice work.
Hank Henfling(non-registered)
Shawn , you have an awsome talent. Your pictures are great , you have an eye for it.
Mike and Kelly Rocchi(non-registered)
Shawn did a wonderful job with our twins over the weekend. Miss Allie was not feeling the photo shoot because unbeknownst to us, she was cutting a tooth! So I was shocked to see that Shawn had been able to catch some pictures of Allie smiling. That takes true talent!! The pictures are all beautiful and we're looking forward to having him continue to photograph the babies as they grow up!
Chris Dunn(non-registered)
A fitting name, "Captured Chaos"! After a photo shoot with my 17 year old son who was tortured into trying to smile by his mother I finally get the meaning. Shawns skill as a photographer far out weighs that of a studio junkie with perfect lighting. Shawn is able to "Capture" the precious moments and essence of his subjects, even in the midst of the "Chaos" of a 17 year old young man who wanted to be anywhere else other than a photo shoot. Thank you again for you time and talent!
Hillary DJamoos(non-registered)
Shawn does a great job and has massive amounts of patience when he shoots my kids! He catches them during times when they're not looking and those are my favorite types of shots! I'm thankful to have him capture my kids so I can watch them grow and use these photos later in their lives! Thanks Shawn!
Lynn Henfling(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures can't wait to get them
Alice Matson(non-registered)
Very nice presentation.
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