Creative Portraits

From the snow-covered lakes on Mt. Hood to abandoned buildings in Portland and everywhere in between I shoot creative portrait sessions. Creative sessions are my favorite because it brings your unique idea and style to my own and when they clash amazing things happen.

I cover all types of creative sessions and some are very near and dear to my heart with the topics they represent. Some sessions are very emotionally driven with the messages we are conveying, whenever I hold session with my clients, regardless of session type, the space is a safe space. My clients and models are free to be themselves and they are free to be vulnerable knowing that I am creating a safe space for them to be in to be creative with our content.

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"Blessed are the Curious for they will have Adventures."

Lovelle Drachman

Featured Models

  • Max Oliver
  • Lilith Haze
  • Kristen Stubbert
  • Lyndsy Thomas
  • MacKenzie Serlet
  • Shelby Kronberger
  • Brianna Sutherland
  • Elizabeth Hendrickson